The Sting faced Minneota on Friday night. David Hidalgo kicked off the game, and Minneota's Cole Sanow ran it back 85 yards for a touchdown on the opening play, putting them up 0-6. On their next possession, they worked their way down the field and got to the three yard line. LaShad Smith caught a short pass to get another touchdown for Minneota. He also caught the conversion pass to put Minneota up 0-14.

The Sting made a few plays and ended up punting. On the next play Sanow broke through the Sting line and rushed 67 yards before Hidalgo tackled him in the endzone. The Vikings made the field goal, putting the score up 0-21.

Later they completed a long pass and then made a short rush to score a fourth touchdown. Fortunately Bryant Bestland blocked the field goal attempt, ending the first quarter up 0-27.

In the second quarter, Carter Sneller made an impressive catch but got tackled about 12 yards short of a first down. Dalton Anderson got an interception to give the Sting another go at offense. Sneller caught a 10 yard pass. The Sting had 21 yards to go with 30 seconds left in the half. Sneller caught another pass with 13 yards to go. Jimenez threw two incomplete passes to end the half.

Minneota scored two touchdowns in the 3rd quarter, putting them up 0-46.

In the fourth quarter, Sneller caught an awesome 29 yard catch from Jimenez in the endzone. The two point conversion was blocked, but it was a light at the end of a rough game for the Sting, 6-46.

Coach Schueler reported, "We knew Minneota was big so we were hoping to neutralize their offensive line with our defensive line. We didn't execute that plan very well, but it is something that we can learn from moving forward. There are always lessons to learn from game film. We learned a valuable lesson on Friday. We also were hoping to get our passing game going a little bit this week. We noticed on film that this was an area that we could possibly gain some yards and we did. We had our best passing game of the season, so far, which is something positive to take out of the game.

Morale is a tricky thing. When things start to go against you, it's really tough to stay positive. However, we have a bunch of guys on the team right now who want to stay in the fight and run to the fight no matter what the score is. We could have played better last Friday, our team knows that and we all know that. However, we didn't. It's another lesson that we can learn from this game.

Our boys stayed in the fight though and they lived out our motto of Currahee (we stand alone together). They kept playing for each other the entire night and they were complimented for their efforts by the referees who stated that they were very respectful the entire game. Those things build morale even in tough situations. Overall, the boys are excited to move on and play better this next Friday. We have a new commitment to just focus on becoming the best we can be. When we do that, good things will happen.

The 2 biggest things we learned from this game was that we need to follow the game plan that was put in place and we need to make sure we are focused on being the best we can be, what we can do and how we can execute the game plan to the best of our ability. We also learned a lesson in focusing on the details. Instead of looking at the season or even the game as a whole, we are going to focus on winning each play. We are going to focus on winning every rep, snap and sprint in practice. Doing every little thing to the best of our ability. Again, when we do this, good things happen.

YME vs Minneota


Y Q1 0 Q2 0 Q3 0 Q4 6 Final 6

M Q1 27 Q2 6 Q3 13 Q4 0 Final 46


Passing (comp-att-yds-td-int) Hennen 8-15-152-2-2

Rushing (att-yds-td) Saltzer 3-117-1 Rolbiecki 2-19-1

Receiving (rec-tds-td) Saltzer 3-117-1 Rolbiecki 2-19-1

Penalities 4-20 yards

First Downs 10


Passing Jimenez 22-27-141-1-0 Hidalgo 1-1-20-0

Rushing Friese 10-26

Receiving Sneller 7-120-1 Knapper 1-19 Friese 4-14 Peterson 1-9

Penalties 5-40 yards

First Downs 8

Interceptions 2 (Sneller and Anderson)