The Sting faced Dawson-Boyd on Friday night. The Blackjacks started off strong, scoring two touchdowns in the first quarter. One was a 37 yard pass caught by Keaton Schuelke. The other was a 38 yard run by Bently Boike. The Sting got some offense rolling in the second quarter. Austin Friese caught a 13 yard pass from Angel Jiminez for a touchdown, and David Hidalgo scored the extra point, putting the Sting up 7-13. Dawson-Boyd came back with a vengeance. Colton Husby snuck past the Sting defense and made a 69 yard run. Boike charged into the fray at the one yard line and scored a touchdown, and later made a 36 yard run for another. Josh Anayasike also caught a 20 yard pass to score. When the dust settled at halftime, the Sting were down 7-39.

In the third quarter, Husby made a 17 yard run, and Boike scored a 13 and 3 yard runs. The Sting were able to hold strong in the 4th quarter, preventing any more scoring. The final was 7-61.


DB Q1 13 Q2 26 Q3 22 Q4 0 Final 61

YME Q1 0 Q2 7 Q3 0 Q4 0 Final 7

Dawson-Boyd Passing (comp, att, yds, td, int)

Lee 9-19-113-2

Rushing (att, yds, td)

Boike 24-228-5

Husby 5-101-2

Receiving (rec, tds, td)

Schuelke 3-44-1

Anyasike 2-35-1

Husby 3-30

Penalties 4-30 yards

First Downs 14



Jimenez 2-16-20-1


Winger 5-19

Friese 6-16


Sneller 1-7

Friese 1-13-1

Penalties 4-25 yards

First Downs 3