Yellow Medicine Commissioners

Jess Gorman

The Yellow Medicine county commissioners met Tuesday July 14 with a hefty agenda.  In commissioner reports, Commissioner Antony reported grant funds received to continue to support the emergency communication board staffing. In other commissioner reports, Gary Johnson gave updates on county property tax forfeited sales he attended noting that the Clarkfield High School property, now a vacant lot, did not sell immediately but sold the week following the auction, also a home in clarkfield sold as part of the auction list, assessment on those properties will be paid back to the county out of the sales. Johnson also visited the Canby recycling site, commending county staff efforts to maintain and monitor the location as well as the Prairie Five building upkeep. Commissioner Glen Kack attended the Area 2 RCRCA meeting where bids were opened for the phase one cleaning out of Lake Redwood, Mathiowetz Construction was awarded the bid at $966,000 with other bids coming in as high as 2.8 million dollars. John Berends attended the recent Prairie Waters meeting where the group started reviewing the Explore Minnesota grant for which the group hopes to utilize funding for tourism advertising dollars for the region which can be spent in and out of state, however in line with Covid-19 guidance, the group plans to work a more localized marketing campaign and try to bring in more city partners from currently less marketed territories. Berends also attended the recent Primewest meeting, 143 new members have signed up to the organization during the months of April and May of the Covid-19 pandemic, June and July also appear to have coming increases in potential new members.  Primewest has conducted 1,512 Covid tests which cost the organization $82.10 each to conduct, approximately $124,000 has been spent on recent testing with 19 positive total cases in the testing window. 

Countryside Health gave a presentation where among many details the trace sourcing process was discussed when a positive case is locally centered. Countryside investigates likely sources of exposure and tracing of persons exposed by each case. Initially this was done solely by State, however Countryside staff is trained as investigators and completed 63 investigations during May & June. In other news a resolution was passed for Western Mental Health Center which contacted the County to obtain a resolution of support in order to get their certification from the State. Western Mental Health Center currently provides adult and adolescent individual substance abuse counseling services for the area and they are in the process of adding group services for both of these populations.