Area racing community comes together to support past MWM driver Timmy Ims

Krystal Ostenson
Community contributor
Granite Falls Advocate Tribune

The evening of Saturday, August 15 was truly one of the most memorable nights at the track in my entire life. It was a true example of what race family really is. Last night we had a race to support Timmy Ims aka Champ, past driver of the #58 MWM, in his fight against ALS at Madison Speedway. Hundreds of people got together in their Ims apparel and the crowd was wild all night. Timmy was even able to be there! He got to sit in turn one and watch! So many laughs, smiles and tears were shared between many as we watched Timmy's car go around the track driven by the #34 MWM driver Jamie Thorstad.

This is the first time Timmy's car has hit the track in almost two years. Jamie took so much pride in being able to give Timmy and his family this experience. Long time pit members of the #58, Kolton Luepke driver of the #21k MWM, Nick James driver of the #57 MWM, Perk Luepke, Chayse Schuler, Coltyn Schuler and Ty Schuler helped get the car ready and looking perfect. When talking to Jamie a few days prior to race day, he told me "I'm gonna get out of that car like I just won the Super Bowl and I'm gonna show everyone waht this sport is all about. This one's for Timmy." and that's exactly what he did. At the end of the MWM feature, Jamie Thorstad parked in front of Timmy sitting in turn one, hopped on the roof of the car, hyped up the crowd and turned to Timmy. He did the "Superman" move, showing his IMS shirt under his fire suit and the crowd went wild.

Drivers signed a checkered flag board donated by Jordan Tollakson at Outlaw Graphix. Many Ims Racing cards were handed out. Cookies were baked with #58 on them and given to those in the stands that came to support Timmy. Over $2000 was raised in helmets for Timmy during intermission. The pot for the MWM feature win reached $2558 and was won by Corey Storck in the #57 MWM in a corner four last pass to the checkered. This is what it's all about. This is racing. And we would do it all over again for Champ. #FOREVER58

Family, friends, and fellow race car enthusiasts posing together on the day of the event for a group photo with Timmy.