Avera Granite Falls introduces electronic medical records

Kyle Klausing
Granite Falls Advocate Tribune

Avera Granite Falls Health Center and Avera Medical Group Granite Falls are enhancing the technology that provides electronic medical records (EMR) to patients, and the new system goes live Nov. 1, 2020.     

Patients will see the enhancements via the AveraChart portal soon after. Patients use AveraChart to access health information and communicate with care teams. The technology behind the new EMR is called MEDITECH Expanse.     

Goals of the one enhanced and integrated EMR across the Avera system, known as One AveraChart, include greater patient safety and satisfaction, as well as more efficient operation. Previous EMRs were tailored to regions or locations; MEDITECH Expanse brings the system together on one platform.     

Benefits include patient-centric registration, smart insurance look-up and improved patient engagement through the online AveraChart portal. Patients will be able to message their care team, view lab and imaging results, get immunization records, request medication refills, view a summary of their visit and request or cancel appointments. The performance on the newest technology such as iPhones and tablets, as well as greater availability of patient education tailored to a patient’s specific diagnosis, are also parts of the new system.     

“MEDITECH Expanse will help Avera deliver an even higher level of quality and safety, which is based on the right person receiving the right information at the right time for the right patient,” said Richard Molseed, Interim Chief Information Officer for Avera Health.     Avera IT staff are assisting local teams to help make for a smooth transition. Patients will not experience any interruptions in their care. “We’re excited to provide the best possible technology, and this development will help each patient share their voice in their health care decisions,” said Avera Granite Falls Health Center Administrator Tom Kooiman. “This system will make sure information is accessible whenever it is needed, and that care teams have optimal information when they see patients.”     

Avera incorporated these changes in several other regions, including Yankton and Mitchell, S.D., as well as Marshall, Minn. Regardless of where the patient receives care, the MEDITECH Expanse system will make sure clinical best practices and the patient’s needs are centered in the process.     

“Expanse will enhance our services, including virtual visits, which have become an important part of Avera’s pandemic response,” said Kevin Post, DO, Avera Medical Group Chief Medical Officer. “Information is powerful, and these innovations will help our patients stay informed and stay connected to their health care providers.” Learn more at Avera.org/AveraChart.