Minnesota West introduces new welding program at the Granite Falls campus

Kyle Klausing
Granite Falls Advocate Tribune

    Minnesota West has offered a welding program on the Jackson campus for many years as well as offered various welding training opportunities with Minnesota West Customized Training.   However, the multi-campus college is excited to announce they now offer the Welding Certificate program on the Granite Falls campus in a one semester format. This is bringing new educational opportunities to the local rural community and creating a market of skilled trained trade workers in the region.     

The program expansion allows for training and skills to be learned and then a student to also become employable all in just one semester.  The spring semester begins in January and ends in early May.  Classes will be on-campus in Granite Falls campus three days a week, Monday through Wednesday with one additional online course. The certificate program will also be offered on the Jackson campus with evening class options for spring semester.   

 The Welding Certificate is a one semester program providing technical knowledge and hands-on welding skills for Shield Metal Arc, Gas Metal Arc, Plasma and Oxy-Fuel cutting processes.  Students will learn to recognize welding symbols, read and interpret welding blueprints, and practice weld shop safety protocols.  Welds will be made to industry standards using the American Welding Society D1.1 Structural Code.  Upon completion students are prepared for an entry level welding position in advanced manufacturing, production, maintenance and repair, and construction.     

Manufacturing and skilled welding in southwest Minnesota is a high demand workforce opportunities.  For anyone interested in the program, please call us at 1-800-658-2330 or visit our website at www.mnwest.edu.  Space is limited and early registration is recommend, classes will begin January 11.