Avera Granite receive kind gifts from Redwood youth

Kyle Klausing
Granite Falls Advocate Tribune

    Redwood Falls Second Graders Aiyana Anderson, Lori Anderson, Carly Anderson, and Aiyana’s Redwood Falls recently lent a helping hand to Avera Granite Falls Health. Lori and Aiyana worked with Thrivent on a grant named, “Health snacks for those that keep giving back!” Aiyana and her classmates also colored pictures and thank you cards for the staff in the hospital and clinic.

    Lori explains the goal of the grant is to provide healthy snacks to those that may not have time to prepare a healthy meal at work. She also explains the long term goal of the project is for other area businesses to refill the bins for the staff at the hospital and clinic. According to the hospital, staff have been enjoying the snacks and pictures.