Kilowatts take on Raymond at home

Jess Gorman
Granite Falls Advocate Tribune

The Raymond Rockets brought the heat with them this past Sunday night, May 30, in more ways than one.

The hometown Granite Falls Kilowatts faced off against the Rockets on a hot day with little breeze and the Kilowatts felt the unfortunate burn of their notably formidable visitors. The guests started off with a 3 run lead in the top of the first that wouldn't let up. Raymond racked up another two runs at the top of the 7th and 8th innings with the Kilowatts trailing with no runs, and a string of hard fought fielding efforts falling short to thwart the opposition’s skill and luck. 

Kilowatts players, Kyle Tebeest, Brandon Grund, and Jordan Odegard all garnered one hit in the game but never got to slide their new uniform across home plate. Pitchers Bennet Knapper and Dalton Anderson gave their arms a shot at stopping the advancing Rockets but in the end Anderson gave up 3 runs in his first and only inning on the mound while Knapper gave up 8 throughout the remainder of the game. 

The final score came with the Rockets propelling to a 11-0 victory over the hometown team. The loss didn't seem to phase the hometown boys and their coach who have high spirits and see the season is still early. Coach Richter noted “Raymonds a tough team, I’d say them and Bird Island will be the hard ones to beat ''. 

The Kilowatts will face the Rockets again on Wednesday July 14. It is hoped a gritty season of wins under their belt by then will help the GF players decimate the Raymond boys on their own home turf come July.  

The Kilowatts next face off against the neighboring town team, the Sacred Heart Saints,  on Sunday June 6 in an away game. The game is a close enough trip to warrant GF fans driving to support the local boy next weekend in the stands, where they aim to make the Saints earn their halos.