Almich’s Market celebrates a more than 60 year family tradition of serving rural grocery needs

Jess Gorman
Granite Falls Advocate Tribune

Sixty years ago Frank “Bud” Almich decided to build a grocery store in Granite Falls. The building still stands and serves a community need as the Napa Auto Shop location but “Almich’s Super Value” as it was formerly named, quickly expanded beyond the original walls, and even community, more than Bud could have ever imagined. The year was 1959, spring was in the air, and little did entrepreneurial Bud know, he was embarking on a dream his son, nephew, and then Grandson, would go on to usher into endless decades of serving Granite Falls, Clarkfield, and Slayton.

Bud Almich operated the newly established grocery in his new Granite building until he retired and sold the business to his sons, Bill and Joe in 1970.   Bill, Brett Almich’s father, and Joe Almich, ran Almich’s in the original location until 1977 when they decided to expand and construct what we all know as Almich's Market today in Granite Falls. Current owner, Brett Almich, was one year old when his dad and uncle broke ground on wha would someday house his own life's work. 

Left: Bill Almich, Right: Jim Almich

Brett worked alongside his family until 2004 when he made his own deal to take up the Almich’s reins. Brett, alongside friend and fellow grocer Dave Bollman, owner of “Dave’s Family Foods” where the current city hall stands today, made a bargain. Dave would close his store downtown and partner with Brett for 10 years at the new Almich’s location. After 10 years of successful partnership passed, Brett was able to buy Dave’s portion of the business. Brett Almich has been the sole owner of the small quality grocery chain ever since. 

In 2017 Brett expanded the Almich’s brand to serve a neighboring community in need of a rural market source, Clara City.  Community investors in Clara struck a deal. Local stakeholders would build the market place and rent it to Brett Almich to run as the first Almich’s market extension. The Clara City Almich’s Market is the only grocery source in the community and has now seen five years of partnered success. 

In 2019 Almichs’ reached even further to serve another rural southwest Minnesota town by opening an Almich’s market in Slayton, Minnesota. 

Over the years the Almich family has continued to reinvest in the workmanship and offerings of the Granite Falls store. “Seven years ago we did a half million dollar remodel and four years ago we remodeled the deli” explained Brett, adding, “ we also have done flooring, the ceiling, and soon, I will be putting in all LED lighting”. 

When asked if the Almich’s brand had plans to extend into any other communities with groceries needs, Brett explained “I am a hands-on guy. I'm back and forth a lot between the three current locations so it's hard for me to imagine owning another grocery store because it would mean less hands-on time with the stores we already have.”

The Almich’s brand should be celebrating its 62nd operational anniversary but between all Brett has on his plate these days and the year considered lost due to Covid-19 restrictions, the event's recognition was delayed. Almich’s Market in Granite Falls is finally getting around to celebrating their 60th Anniversary as a staple of family dinner tables across multiple communities. 

Starting, August 8 going through August 15, Almich’s Market will offer pricing specials including sixty cents off numerous products and items reduced to a price ending in sixty cents. Each weekday the Granite Falls location will feature daily themed fun. Monday will offer $2 tacos served outside, Tuesday, Almich’s workers of the past will serve free hot dogs and chips for a lunch hour, residents can stop in and see former owners, Bill, Jim, and Joanne Almich all onsite helping with the day. Wednesday, the store will offer free fresh baked cookies and on Thursday, loosen your belt for Ribfest with a full rack of ribs for $13.99 from 11:00am-6:00pm. Friday is milk day offering $2.60 gallons. Shoppers can also register in the Granite Falls store only, for a chance to win prizes like a 9 cubic ft. freezer chest, a LG UHD 55 inch TV, a Weber travel grill and more!

Whether it's the long lived tradition of passing the business through family generations or the thoughtful act of past owners and staff coming back to man the ship on a special date, it is clear and certain the Almich’s legacy is committed to two things; providing fresh food to rural corners of southwest Minnesota with quality at the heart

Almich's Market, Granite Falls, MInnesota.