Dave's Electric celebrates 40 years of service

Jess Gorman
Granite Falls Advocate Tribune

In a time that seems not too long ago, a 25-year-old Dave Beasley dove out into the world with a dream, putting his future, his heart, and his sweat into making it a sustainable reality.

Dave Beasley alongside shop cat "Lil Foot".

The year was 1981 and young Dave was thinking of leaving the safety of working in an established Redwood Falls shop to start something of his own, but where?...luckily, he wasn’t alone in this adventure. Dave and his then girlfriend, now wife and business partner guru, Nancy Beasley, had visited a little rocky river valley community called “Granite Falls”. The special town stuck with them, but little did their young ambitions know, they were about to stick with it...for many decades and more. 

“We came to Westernfest, and had so much fun. Everyone was so nice and engaging, we camped, bought boots and cowboy clothes to really get into the celebration,” explained Nancy, “We really enjoyed the street dance and decided this was the “right” community”. 

Dave Beasley, owner of Dave's Electric Motor co.

Many would question if young Dave and Nancy had the discipline and know how to make a successful business work in the economy of the early 80’s. The country was in a recession, and the young couple was dealing with starting a life in a world filled with challenges. Their first home mortgage interest rate around this time was 16.75%. 

When Dave bought his current building location for 10k, it was a prime visual media for an episode of “Hoarders”. The shop was full of dust, piles of boxes, debris, broken tools, and clutter. The young couple took the doubts of friends, the weight of the economy, the mountains of refuse, and turned it into fuel against failure, working twelve-hour days while still commuting from Redwood. 

Dave's electric motor co.

Dave’s expertise in electric motor repair, sales, and tools of many trades, along with the support of a being in a perfect partnership with Nancy, made the young couple an unstoppable force. They worked hard to start the business, but then, they continued to work even harder to mold the shape taking dream into a well-oiled machine. 

Dave started with electric motor repair, he had been cultivating his bread and butter of industry knowledge since the mid 1970’s.  Within one year of opening Dave’s Electric Motor Co. he was wholesaling electric motors, not just repairing them. Now, the business sells, services and distributes for a litany of trades: boat lifts and docks, trailers, air compressors, Milwaukee Tools, alternators and starters, bottled water distribution and more recently ice houses. “It takes diversity in your offerings to not just stay in business, but also to grow,” says Dave and Nancy. 

The young couple married and had a son, Ryan, who spent several years learning and growing up in the electric motor shop. Dave acted as the Granite Falls Fire Chief for several years and Nancy joined and volunteered with local nonprofits. The dynamic duo also invested into local rental properties, because, well, they loved Granite Falls enough to make the move, and so would others needing a place to start. 

Nowadays the 40-year strong business runs as reliably as a Milwaukee power tool. Expertise that is lacking in so many areas is accessible five days a week right at Dave's front counter. It's not just expertise, solid work, and great selection, that keeps customers coming in, it is the heart of the man and family who built the business. Dave is an excellent listener, patient, and eager to help once he knows all the factors. It's clear that customer service is a big component of his success, he's reliable, cares about the community and even cats. 

That’s right, Cats. Dave’s electric motor co. has a unique employee, trained personally by Dave. “Lil Foot” the shop cat, is a regular fixture of the customer service counter. Sometimes leading visitors down the crisp red isles of Milwaukee tools, or sometimes taking a nap stretched out near Dave’s fingertips by the computer, She's always nearby. “Lil Foot” never leaves the shop and if given thumbs, she could probably surprise the world with her repair knowledge. Many shop guests look to say hi to “Lil Foot” first, before their own repair and purchase needs.  As Dave takes a shop call and softly strokes the sweet orange fur of his smallest employee, it's clear to see why Dave has found success. 

Dave Beasley's shop cat "Lil Foot" is a regular business day fixture.

He's considerate, calm, and calculated in all his approaches. These are the qualities that make for a thorough repairman and well knowledged industry leader, conveying an authentic sense of care for the community. 

Some could say, Dave’s Electric Motor Co. was Beasley's first major repair project. It's now a machine that has been running for 40 years and keeps getting stronger and finer tuned, confirming the business as the highest of benchmarks in local service and quality.

The thriving local motor shop legend is celebrating a 40-year anniversary on Thursday, August 19 from 11:00am to 4:00pm. Free food will be offered, and drawings held for items like a water cooler and Milwaukee giveaway prizes. 

Behind the scenes in electric motor repair at Dave's electric motor.


Dave's Electric Motor Co. 

750 Highway 212

Granite Falls, MN, 56241