Meander weekend brings the masses to Granite Falls

Jess Gorman
Granite Falls Advocate Tribune

The Upper Minnesota River Art Crawl, known as the "Meander" to most Minnesota art enthusiasts, concluded it's 17th successful year this past Sunday.

Joe Hauger's Meander site captured imaginations of all ages with wood working demonstrations.

Forty-one total artist studios were incorporated into this years Meander offerings spreading from Granite Falls to Clinton, Minnesota. The first nine studio stops were all located in Granite Falls.

The K.K. Berge gallery hosted artist Tamara Isfeld during this past weekend's arts Meander event.
Melanie Gabbert Gatchell

In Granite the studio sites open to the public encompassed the works of Bradley Hall, Gene Stukel, Tamara Isfeld, Adam Preuss, Jess Gorman, Joe Hauger, Melanie Gabbert-Gatchell, Curt Soine, Claire Swanson, and Dale Streblow. The community knows these artists as their teachers, bakers, neighbors, and by many other titles but, for one weekend each year they are the greeters to hundreds upon hundreds of art lovers, some from near by, but some who have traveled from states away to enjoy the southwest Minnesota studio events.  

Even a local cat got in on perusing all of the great local art during Meander weekend.
Artist Bradley Hall explains his studio process to visitors.

Granite Falls organizations and businesses coordinated a fan fare spread of activities, specials, and live performances during the opening Friday night of the Meander.  "Light up the River" was the Granite Falls Friday night events theme. The foot bridge was lit with a neon pink flair while glow sticks and costumes were adorned by shoppers and performers who participated in the live dance performance on the small historic bridge. L.e.d. lights darted across the attire of the bridge performers, making the coordinated dance a twinkling rainbow against a nearly black sky.

The dates for next years Meander have already been announced as September 30, October 1, and October 2, of 2022. 

Musician Alyssa Nelson performed at Falls Cafe and Canoe on Friday night as part of the "Light up the river" event schedule in Granite Falls.
Artist Andy Kahmann of A-Z Letterpress in Montevideo, along with his daughter Sunshine, meandered to Granite Falls to snag locally made art.
Crowds descended on Granite Falls over the weekend during the arts Meander. Groups poured down Prentice street as see here, heading into stops like Falls Cafe and Canoe, host site of Adam Preuss and Jess Gorman.