My grandmother said something that shocked me. “Tebow.” And she said it like she knew who he was.


I watched the first half of the BCS National Championship at my grandmother’s.

My car has been making weird sounds lately, and my dad had helped me get it fixed. It is good to have someone like that when you are in a bind. He has been spending a couple of nights a week at my grandmother’s rotating with my aunts and uncles starting about a year ago to make sure she is OK. I don’t visit her enough, so when I got there we starting talking about what has been going on. She was watching the news channel in the living room while my dad was watching the game in the kitchen. Even though this was the national championship, I thought it was more important to visit with her.

It is hard to believe, but I think she wanted to watch the game, too. My grandfather really loved sports, and my dad had been known to go to her house to watch LSU?football games before he got cable. Before flipping through the channels and stopping on "Ugly Betty" (Ma Rose says she really is not that ugly when not in character) for a while, we finally reached the game.

It was right at the end of the first quarter and the score was tied 0-0. Then my grandmother said something that shocked me. “Tebow.” And she said it like she knew who he was.

My grandmother is 89 years old and can still remember her childhood growing up along the Grosse Tete bayou during the Flood of 1927. She sometimes confuses the names of my brother and I, but she knows who Tim Tebow is.

About a week ago, I watched a marathon of MTV’s  “Two a Days: Three Years Later,” and guess who showed up in the first episode.

That’s right. Tebow. Playing for Nease against Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson’s little brother in a prelude to this year’s SEC Championship in the first high school game ever broadcast live on the “regular” ESPN.

Thursday night, Tebow put the Gators on his shoulders and led Florida to its second national championship in three years and the third overall.

Trash-talking directed at Tebow probably began when he was born because it seems no one can stop talking about him. After enduring a week of it before and during the entire game, Tebow displayed Florida’s signature “Gator Chomp” in the waning moments but didn’t say anything. Sunday he did, announcing he would return to Florida for his senior season and a possible third national title and second Heisman Trophy.

“Overall, I just felt loyal to this place,” Tebow said. “I wanted to finish what I?started and play another year.”

And that is where Tebow wins me over. With so many great players leaving early for the riches of the NFL, here is one who arguably may be the best ever deciding he would rather try and make history.

“I think he is one of the best players to ever put on a helmet,” Florida coach Urban Meyer said.

And one of the most recognizable.

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