Want a tiny house without the commitment of actually living in one? Amazon has a solution — you can get a tiny backyard guesthouse shipped right to your door. 

And according to the description, two people can assemble 172-square-foot structure in only eight hours. 

The tiny house, which will cost you $7,250 with free shipping, includes a porch and an indoor area with huge windows and a sliding glass door. But you don't actually have to live in it — the structure can serve as a guest house, home office or outdoor clubhouse. 

The description promises you'll need minimal tools to follow the instructions. However, you will have to get roof shingles and foundation materials to complete the tiny house. You'll also have to add amenities like air conditioning or electricity. 

It also turns out this isn't the only house you can order via Amazon. Get this two-story cabin or a solar-powered container house shipped from the online retailer. 


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