Rescue animals Waffles the miniature horse and Hemingway the goose have an unbreakable bond. So unbreakable, in fact, that they must be adopted together. 

The unlikely pair were rescued from a property in Bucks County, Pennsylvania along with two peacocks and nearly a dozen ducks, according to Good Morning America. Now, the horse and goose are living together in a barn stall at the Bucks County SPCA shelter. 

"You normally see goats and goats together or horses and horses," shelter director Vanly Pearson told NPR's Morning Edition. "But you never see, like, a horse and a goose, I don't think. It sounds like a child book story to me."

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The Bucks County SPCA is currently accepting applications for our new celebrities: Waffles and Hemingway! Many of you have seen these two in the news and we are overjoyed with the amount of support and interest we have received. If you are interested, please submit your application on our website: We will call chosen applicants for a meet and greet at our Quakertown Shelter once they are cleared for adoption by our vet team. We have received a lot of interest for these best buddies and appreciate your patience as we go through applications. #buckscountyspca #adopt #adoptdontshop #adoption #adoptersareheroes #wafflesandhemingway #bff #unusualfriends #unlikelyanimalfriends #goose #minihorse

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Waffles is currently being treated for a minor infection, and Hemingway has been known to voice his displeasure when Waffles is taken out of their shared stall. 

"He'll honk and flap his wings and let you know, 'Hey leave my buddy alone,' or 'You better bring him back,'" Cindy Kelly, spokeswoman for the Bucks County SPCA, told "Good Morning America. "They really seem to have this bond."

Once Waffles is cleared by his doctors, the pair will be able to find their forever home. The Bucks County SPCA shelter is currently accepting applications to adopt Waffles and Hemingway together. The adoption fee is $300.

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Thank you WFMZ​ for covering the story of Waffles, the mini-horse and Hemingway the goose! A pair of unlikely friends that have made quite the impression on our staff and volunteers at the BCSPCA. These two have been through a lot together and we cannot wait for them to find a loving forever farm together. We appreciate all the interest we have had in this lovely pair, as of now Waffles is not yet cleared for adoption and we will not be taking applications until they are both available. #buckscountyspca #minihorse #goose #unlikelyanimalfriends #unlikelyfriends #animalfriends #farmfriends #bff #bffgoals #love #rescued #rescuerehomereachout

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